Throughout my career, I have been privileged to work with multiple clients among multiple industries, ranging from tiny tech startups to commercial conglomerates.

I am grateful to have a multitude of experiences, writing opportunities, and social networks at such a young age. While having four Communication internships under my belt, I continue to develop further insight and greater passion with every new learning opportunity given.

Below you will find a small sampling of my blog work, website content creation, social media management, and other various examples of my industry-specific experience.

Social Media

The Nantucket Project

During my time, I worked as a Communication Strategy intern, focusing specifically on optimizing digital communication channels such as social media and email marketing. My core focus was social media strategy for Instagram with the goal of revamping the page and brainstorming innovative ways to reach and maintain audience engagement. I developed and presented three Instagram campaigns and help lay the groundwork around the language and feel of the online brand against the backdrop of a six-month campaign for the company rebrand. I was later invited to be on the social media team during the company’s biggest event on Nantucket where I collaborated with highly skilled individuals.


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As a premier consulting agency, this brand consistently stays on top of  Marketing industry tactics and strategies. It was a true honor to work with the talented brains of the 21st Century and explore where true innovation lives and develops. Though the passion is evident, the brand itself is chill, cutting-edge, and informative.

  • Created content for their Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts such as #TAtips, relevant news stories, and more.


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A modern take on the gentlemen grooming lifestyle, this client was edgy, bold, and endearing to all types of men. The content created was representative of the brand’s identity and tapped into the hearts of beard and tattoo lovers.

  • Created and organized Instagram content and imagery for the client

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  • Created a Pinterest Account for product sales and included biographies and product descriptions.

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Bird Dog Traffic Control

With over fifteen years in the safety business, this brand continually explores what keeping the men and women on the roads looks like in today’s society. The brand hopes to inspire safe habits to its readership while informing exactly how to practice the most efficient tactics to ensure a zero-harm policy.

  • I created various social posts for their Facebook and Linkedin accounts including blog posts, press releases, and fun industry-related reminders to share with their following.

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Global Financial

In creating content for a company dedicated to serving those who lack the financial ability to help themselves, I produced a brand voice that communicates humbly with easy-to-digest, informative content.

  • Conducted a research analysis and evaluation of current effective and ineffective social media platforms, content, and competition while offering innovative ideas for rebranding, reorganizing, and resourcing.


  • Conducted a content distribution plan made up of various publications to advertise native content that would increase brand authority and visibility. Compiled pricing, locations, readership demographics, and other productive information in order to determine the most effective media platforms for the company.

Blog Creation

Bird Dog Traffic Control:

  • “Save the Earphones for the Gym”
  • “Is Eating While Driving Really Safe?”
  • “Get Inspected”
  • “Driving with Pets”

CharlotteFive (A digital platform of The Charlotte Observer):

Website Content

Senior Capstone Project 


(Click on the link above to see entire presentation)

  • This presentation is the culmination of my Senior Presentation for the Brand Communication Capstone course. Over the course of the semester, my team and I worked to create a positioning strategy for a business called OOBE BRAND located on 161 King St. in Charleston, South Carolina. The presentation is strategy focused as we did not have a creative to draw up mockups for our ideas, however, we attempted to give a general idea to reflect our collateral insights.
  • I acted as the Account Executive on my team and thoroughly enjoyed this position as I was able to enact my skills for leadership, management, and client communication.

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