The Secret to Success: Create A Solution

The modern consumer enjoys ease, craves comfort, and dreads dilemmas. Your business exists to offer a product or service that will fill a need and hopefully provide a piece of the puzzle to remediation. Here is the problem: Customers are no longer looking for you to fill a piece of the puzzle, they want the … Continue reading The Secret to Success: Create A Solution


How the Hashtag Can Benefit Your Business

You have definitely heard of them, you might even attach one to the end of a social media post now and again… but have you ever wondered what the point of it all really is? Why is this little icon increasingly popular and why should your business be using it? To provide a little history, … Continue reading How the Hashtag Can Benefit Your Business

How to Create Your Brand Language

Whether you are rebranding your business or just starting off, finding your brand’s language can be tough to develop and implement. Believe it or not, the pieces to the puzzle you are looking for lie within the heart of who your business is and why you do what you do. Evaluate Your Business With that … Continue reading How to Create Your Brand Language

Brand Transparency Reaps Brand Trust

The Harm in Creating a Perception of Perfection Now more than ever, the millennial consumer will not purchase or utilize services from a business without first building a certain level of trust. To put it simply, without brand trust, your business will simply not rank on the competitive scale. You may be wondering why this … Continue reading Brand Transparency Reaps Brand Trust

The Importance of Media Partnerships

Whether it is a publishing partner, a philanthropic organization, or even a segment on a television show, partnerships build and support businesses. In a media-fragmented culture, delivering to a mass audience is not necessarily the goal anymore. Investing in trustworthy media partners increase your conversion rates as they target niche audiences specifically interested in your … Continue reading The Importance of Media Partnerships

Emotional Branding & Why It Works

Emotional branding is all about bonding the product to the purchaser. If done successfully, the consumer will define themselves through the brand they use such as clothing, cars, food distributors, etc. In order to get a consumer to put him/herself behind your business, you must work to generate a connection with their goals, desires, interests, … Continue reading Emotional Branding & Why It Works

5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Brand Strategy

It is vital to have a brand strategy as it directly affects your businesses’ overall identity. Whether you are just starting up or needing a bit of a remodel, if the strategy is lacking, the strength of the brand will suffer. Depending on shifts and changes within your industry, there may be times where the … Continue reading 5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Brand Strategy