Communication is the bedrock of who I am.

As a Communication major, I continually aim to further understand what it means to speak and write in a way that empowers, captivates and cultivates an open, inclusive environment for my audiences.

Though I have just begun to enter into the world of professional writing, marketing, social media management, and public relations, my passion for strategy and relationship grows with every opportunity I am given to communicate on behalf of a company, an agency, a person or a publication.

I have found that there will always be room for growth in this area as new, innovative ways to connect to the masses continually develop.

It is my hope that with every day, I expand my own knowledge alongside and ahead of the Communication profession, as I continually learn what it means to connect with individuals in the Digital Age of the 21st Century.


Charlotte, NC is my home. There is nothing like wandering the streets of the Queen City and finding new coffee shops to work in, breweries to meet at with friends, and festivals filled with local foods, quality music, and even better people.

I NEED my alone time, but that is only after I wear myself out dancing from one social setting to the next. I love people, it is intertwined in what I do and why I love it. Connection will always be a MUST for me.

I am obsessed with coffee. Basic, yes. Ashamed? NO! I have a collection of coffee mugs that continues to grow and a multitude of favorite spots in the city that you will often find me at. Without coffee, there is no Ashley.

I can’t leave out my sweet West Highland White Terrier, aka the love of my life and my child. May he live forever.