3 Ways to Build Your Brand’s Identity

I get it. This business is your baby. You want to give it the unique, valued, and cherished persona that it deserves. The life of your brand needs to be set apart. It needs to offer something another brand doesn’t or offer it with better quality and better pricing, some special aspect that adds measurable value. Listed below are three ways you can easily begin to create the life you want for your business.

Streamline Your Image

Your business is a lot more than the color scheme and logo design, however, in order to be known and remembered, it needs an image that is recognizable. The image should say something about your brand to your audience. Remember the quality of the image will translate into the quality of your services, so do not try to speed through this process! Your image, including colors, logo and taglines, MUST be consistent across all platforms as to put your brand out there in the market and not confuse the consumer. Everyone can recognize the Nike swoosh, the apple from Mac Inc., or even the colors associated with Christmas. By assigning specific creative aspects to your business, you allow the consumer to identify with your brand.

Make Meaning

Whether it is a mission or vision statement, a set of core values, or your tagline, in order to really give your business a life of its own, you must convey meaning through it. The 21st-Century consumer identifies with a brand who supports common causes and isn’t afraid to take a stand. I advise you to be very careful about voicing any political standing, however, I encourage a business to give back to the local community and donate when possible. Once you have really worked to claim your territory as a competitive brand, leave a legacy so that the life of your business can live well beyond your own! Partner with local organizations, donate to nonprofits and really express your appreciation to the people and market around you that make business possible. Reveal the kind of character and values your business chooses to function under and in doing so, further your customer’s trust.

Target Your Audience

Upon choosing the meaning and value you wish to give your brand, target a niche audience that it will specifically speak to. There is nothing wrong with marketing to the general public while still maintaining a strong presence in a certain area. For example, a brand that communicates empowerment like Nike, fitness like Athleta, or sustainable eating like Whole Foods, continues to thrive because they have tapped into the passions and issues of certain groups within society. However, they still maintain a strong brand identity amongst the general public with their strong logo design, values, and overall brand image.  


If your business offers real value, you have every reason to excel in your industry. Work to develop that value into something your audience can care about, identify with, and promote. Customizing your brand shouldn’t be stressful, it is fun with lots of room for creativity, so don’t be afraid to color outside the lines.


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