Emotional Branding & Why It Works

Emotional branding is all about bonding the product to the purchaser. If done successfully, the consumer will define themselves through the brand they use such as clothing, cars, food distributors, etc. In order to get a consumer to put him/herself behind your business, you must work to generate a connection with their goals, desires, interests, and really move them with your message.

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep – a fundamental appreciation of mythology. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.”

– Scott Bedbury – Nike, Starbucks

Some brands are easier to do this with than others but truly, any business can successfully appeal to their target market’s emotions if they know their consumer and their product well.

Adopt the Consumer’s Perspective

The first step in honing in on finding that connection between your consumer and your business is stepping into their shoes. Your goal is to get an in-depth understanding of what their frustrations are about the current products on the market, what do they like within your process and what they do not like. What are their goals and desired outcomes when needing a service such as yours? What will they gain from your business? Is your industry all about the excellent customer experience or maybe the competitive pricing? Look at what the competition is doing and if they have developed emotional branding as well as evaluate your own emotions when looking at those products and services to understand how the consumer may be feeling when they look at your website. To build an authentic bond, you need to know what makes them feel safe, happy, and satisfied in order to deliver those same feelings.


Fulfil the Consumer’s Need

If you have done the proper research and know what it is your consumer wants to see and experience in the marketplace, you are ready to become their solution, to fully satisfy their need. One way to position your business above the rest is to predict their needs before they even realize they have them. Be the business to discover an unknown, yet unnecessary complication within your industry and solve it. Imagine getting a gift card from your colleague for no particular reason… that feeling is not just happy, it is elated. The consumer is enabled to really trust your business as a source of ease and continual comfort with the assurance you will fix the problem before it even happens. Go above and beyond when solving problems and creating solutions, trust is the bedrock of a strong bond, so take your time to first build on that.

Resist Becoming Overly Emotional

The key here is to connect with your client and provide common ground for them to trust and believe in what you have to sell. You do not want to be emotionally manipulative and use a cute baby holding a pamphlet about your new insurance deal because you lose the emotionally-intelligent customers who see that as disingenuous and thus untrustworthy. Nike has done an excellent job of mastering the connection capability of a brand. They have made the consumer the protagonist of their own success story as Nike empowers men and women to fight against the urge to be lazy and feel truly strong and enabled to exercise when using their products.


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